Turkey Kielbasa Ciabatta

​​Our delectable Turkey Kielbasa and Cranberry Honey Mustard, paired with baby arugula and crumbled blue cheese on toasted ciabatta bread. Serves 4.

Difficulty Level

Cook Time


  • 16 oz Dietz & Watson™ Turkey Kielbasa or Turkey Lite Kielbasa
  • 3 Tbsp Dietz & Watson™ Cranberry Honey Mustard
  • - baby arugula
  • 8oz blue cheese or brie cheese crumbles
  • 4 ciabatta rolls


  1. 1 Grill kielbasa or sear in a pan until browned lightly and warm. Toast Ciabatta Rolls.
  2. 2 Drizzle cranberry honey mustard on both sides of roll. Top with kielbasa, blue cheese and baby arugula.