People are our Most important Ingredient

The Dietz & Watson family has made the best premium deli meats and artisan cheeses with obsessive dedication.  It’s what drives us to source and select the perfect spices every day…  It’s what makes sure the smokehouse that’s always just the right temperature… All the way down to assuring that every ham is hand-tied and hand-seasoned… This dedication can be found in our chairman and mom that’s in the office every day – at 89 years old.  And her family that runs the business and will continue to do so for years to come. We hope you enjoy our family story as much as we enjoyed making it over the past 75 years!

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Gottlieb Dietz originally named Dietz & Watson, “Everbest Brand Meat Delicacies.”


Second Generation Joins the Family Business

Working over the summer: 14 year old Ruth “Momma” Dietz, and her sister Laura, start working for her father, starting a lifetime of dedication to Dietz & Watson.


Dietz & Watson Is Born

Gottlieb renames Everbest to Dietz & Watson and opens a new location in Camden, New Jersey.


1946-1984 Advertising Slogan

Dietz & Watson’s advertising slogan was, “For Those Who Want The Best”


Early style Franks and Sausages packaging innovation

Gottlieb was a talented German sausage maker who’s old-world recipes demanded nothing but the highest quality ingredients. We still hold strong to his tradition today of “Quality Above All Else.”


“Finest Meat Delicacies”

Dietz & Watson has remained a staple of Philadelphia over the years. Providing the “Finest Meat Delicacies” in the marketplace.


The “Diamond” is born!

The iconic “Diamond” logo first appears on packaging and marketplace signage


Introduction of the Red Diamond Logo

Dietz & Watson tried something new with its logo… it has been apart of the logo for over 45 years!


Logo Refresh

Logo redesign is always a unique mix between loyalty towards a brand’s logo and keeping a the image updated and fresh.


Third Generation Joins the Family Business

Louis Eni Jr. starts full-time with younger brother and sister, Chris Eni & Cindy Eni Yingling to follow shortly after.



An Industry First “No Salt Added Turkey Breast”

Dietz & Watson introduced to the world the first ever No Salt Added Turkey Breast with only 50 mg of naturally occurring sodium per serving. Tastes just like momma’s turkey out of the oven!


1985-2010 Advertising Slogan

Dietz & Watson’s advertising slogan was “Expect The Best”


Dietz & Watson is Dedicated to Your Healthier Lifestyle!

Due to the success of the Gourmet Lite line, Dietz & Watson introduces the Healthier Lifestyle collection, with more than 60 delicious deli meats that exceed USDA and FDA standards for healthy eating and supports the statement that “Healthy Eating Must Be Delicious Eating™”.


1997 Trend Setting Product Innovation

During these years, Dietz & Watson focused on product innovation that would set trends for the entire de li industry with flavor profiles like Santa Fe Turkey Breast, London Broil Roast Beef, Horseradish NY State Cheddar; and who could forget Buffalo Chicken Breast.


2009 The Momma Dietz Story

70 years into our company’s history, Ruth “Momma” Dietz becomes the star of a national ad campaign embodying the brand values she’s always lived by. “Quality above all else”, unbelievable flavor and uncompromising attention to detail. Why? It’s simple: she’s a mom.