At Dietz & Watson, we strive for our offerings to be as diverse as our consumers’ tastes and personalities. We know that deciding how to style your table for your holiday dinner isn’t an easy task—much less choosing what to put on it. So we’ve come up with five sets of recipes, inspired by five different decorating styles, so everyone can find a piece of themselves within our products.

This season, no matter whether you’re trying a completely new approach or sticking to what you’ve always known, experience a fresh take on a holiday tradition with our delicious recipes:


This tablescape combines four of our home-style recipes, for those who are looking for a relaxed look—relying on the runner to give the table a pop of color. It includes our Dietz & Watson Chef Carved Ham, which comes fully cooked so it’s simple to prepare. It’s also boneless, for easy carving, and has a hickory smoked flavor that will have everyone coming back for seconds.


This setting is paired with five rustic Dietz & Watson recipes and is perfect for those who want a farm-to-table feel complete with wooden textures and locally sourced food. Our tablescape features our All-Natural Uncured Classic Dinner Ham, prepared with sea salt and with delicious smoky undertones. Simple to slice and serve.


For those who prefer a traditional table, this tablescape features few colors and minimal decoration. It’s coupled with four classic Dietz & Watson recipes that will never go out of style. Our Spiral Sliced Dinner Ham is fully cooked so there’s less work for you and spiral cut for perfect presentation. Furnish with our delicious honey glaze, and you’re all set.


Looking for a trendy, Instagram-worthy setting for your holiday festivities? Search no further than our Contemporary tablescape for inspiration. Ideal for young families or minimalistic apartments, it features combined patterns that showcase your personal style. Four sophisticated Dietz & Watson recipes surround the centerpiece—our Tiffany Ham. Fully cooked and ready to slice, this ham boasts a delightful, deep-smoky flavor.


Extend your holidays with this tablescape, featuring six tasty recipes to make the most out of all that holiday ham. It’s quick to set up, so you have more time to prepare a unique recipe from your leftovers. This brunch-perfect table setting includes our Parmesan-Ham hash brown cups, our Broccoli ham grilled cheese sandwich, and more. Serve with a Mimosa for added deliciousness.

We know that deciding how to style your table for your holiday dinner isn’t an easy task—muchless choosing what to put on it.