It’s summer and that means it’s the perfect time to go bun-less. Check out four of our favorite recipes that are low carb but still have all the flavor you love. These are so good, we promise you – you will not miss the bun.


Lettuce Wrapped Dog

This Lettuce Dog made with our Originals Organic Beef Frank is perfect for a fun lunch or a light dinner. Add some condiments for even more flavor!

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Banh Mi Dog

This Vietnamese-inspired recipe is a must for Bahn Mi Sandwich lovers. Our Hot Smoked Beef Sausages give a refreshing twist to the delicious classic.

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Jerk Chicken Tacos

Even though tacos are not hot dogs, they are technically bunless… And these are made with our Jerk Chicken Sausage, so they fit right in.

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Greek Pita

This recipe, made with our Natural Casing NY Style Beef Frank and the traditional Tzatziki sauce, is packed with fresh Greek flavors.

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Pick a recipe, find your nearest deli with our store locator & whip up your own bun-less dog.

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