We believe friends are the family we choose, and they should be celebrated. Luckily, Thanksgiving is around the corner. And whether your friend-family is made up of your neighbors, your work buddies or your old college roommates, celebrating this holiday with loved ones shouldn’t be a hassle. Friendsgiving is generally a potluck party, so responsibilities and tasks are divided amongst all guests. With our list of tips and tricks you’ll have everything you need to throw a successful dinner and become a pro Friendsgiving host in no time:

Everyone Pitches In:

As the host, the only food you need to worry about is the main dish. We’re mixing this year up by featuring our Uncured All Natural Holiday Dinner Ham as the main dish to our Friendsgiving. All additional dishes, sides, and desserts are brought by friends—potluck-style!

Options for All:

It’s a good idea to start a collaborative list (Facebook events work well for this) of what food everyone will bring. That way, dietary restrictions and allergies can be considered when everyone is planning their dishes.

Potatoes are a Must:

Don’t forget the Thanksgiving basics. Someone should bring mashed potatoes, or other hearty carbs like our Mashed Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes. Also, don’t forget other essentials such as stuffing and cranberry sauce.

Gotta Get Veggies:

Make sure someone brings a fresh vegetable dish to cut through the richness of all other dishes. Our Almond-Parmesan Green Beans recipe is a great option.

Feel Free to Explore:

A great thing about Friendsgiving is that there’s the opportunity to bring together different culinary backgrounds. Encourage your friends to bring dishes that stem from their favorite flavors or their own family traditions. In our case, one of our favorite family recipes is the Prosciutto-Wrapped Asparagus.

Whether you consider Friendsgiving a welcome replacement for Thanksgiving, or simply a unique addition to the festive weekend, this helpful guide will have all your friends coming back next year.

Fall-Flavored Dessert:

Pumpkin or apple pies are classics, but if your guests are feeling ambitious, they can shoot for more creative fall-themed desserts. These can range from apple cobblers, bread puddings, or our favorite—Mustard Caramel Chocolate Bars.

Divvy Up the Drinks:

As a rule of thumb, all guests should bring a bottle of wine. They can, of course, choose to provide other holiday specialties, like whiskey and warm cider.

Creative Place Cards:

A good thing about Friendsgiving is that, due to its casual vibe, you don’t need to go all out decorating. However, if you do want to give the evening a nice fall touch, opt for buying little pumpkins and using them as place cards. Print out the names of your guests in a fancy font and thick paper, cut them out in a circle, and pin them to the pumpkin with a gold or clear pin.

Set the Ambiance:

Assign a friend to create a music playlist to enhance the mood of the evening. Or, better yet—create a collaborative playlist on a platform like Spotify so all your guests’ music tastes are catered to.

Leftovers To Go:

Depending on the size of your meal, everyone should have enough to take some home—so remind your guests to bring their own Tupperware or to-go containers.


Mashed Brown Butter Sweet Potatoes

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus