“Include a mild cheese for all to enjoy”

Building a cheese board sounds easy—just put together a couple of cheeses and you’re done, right? But when you take into consideration all the milk types, textures, and flavor profiles, it can be difficult to know which cheeses pair well together. Plus, you also need to think about the add-ons: nuts, charcuterie, dips, etc. To ease the pressure of having family and friends over, we’ve put together a simple guide on how to create the perfect cheese board.

The Basic Board

New to charcuterie? We’re going back to the basics with a guest-pleasing platter that you can whip up on a whim. Aged cheese with a sharp flavor is key when creating your board. We suggest our Gouda for a dry and savory texture, and our sharp and salty Pecorino Romano.

Be sure to include at least one mild cheese that will appeal to your guests’ different palates. Our sweet and flavorful Irish Cheddar is a perfect addition!

To complement your cheeses, pair with our Genoa Salami, Prosciutto Panino Sticks, and Pepperoni for a balanced spread.

Add a combination of grapes, apple slices, crackers, olives, and honey for some extra (and tasty!) flare.


The Level Up Board

Up your charcuterie game by introducing a variety of flavors and textures. Balance your board with soft and firmer cheeses like our creamy Brie, tangy Fontina, and smooth Goat Gouda. If you haven’t tried goat cheese, our Goat Gouda is the perfect stepping stone!

Bring in the bold, savory taste of our Chorizo Medallions and Imported Fire Roasted Vegetables for a flavorful bang. For fan-favorite additions, incorporate our Prosciutto or Antipasto.

Finish off your creation with walnuts, fresh thyme, and dried apricots.

The Specialty Board

There’s a treat for everyone on our Specialty Board lineup. Our soft cheeses like Camembert and Cranberry Goat Cheese can be enjoyed on sliced baguettes, breadsticks, or crackers. When choosing a bread, vary the texture and choose mild options so it doesn’t overpower the cheese. Accompany your spread with our smoky Danish Havarti and 18 month Aged Gouda cheeses.

When chooses meats to add, our Truffle, Herb de Provence, and Finocchio Salamis provide a unique trifecta of flavor to pair against the cheeses. Add in our Seasoned Olives and Imported Fire Roasted Vegetables to round out the board.

As far as accompaniments, jarred condiments like honey, stemmed cherries, and gherkin pickles make quick and hassle-free options.

The Premium Board

Impress your guests with a board that has a mix of it all! To balance out our soft Camembert cheese, a firmer one will do the trick. Add our Manchego, which boasts a nutty, floral flavor. Incorporate our earthy Blue Cheese Wedge and Grana Padano for added variety.

Pair in our authentic Italian Prosciutto, Peppered Salami, and Twin Pack of Napoli and Toscano Salamis for a hearty assortment.

Enhance your spread with our garlicky Imported Fire Roasted Vegetables. The final touch to our Premium Board should include honey, figs, Marcona Almonds, and Amarena cherries.

Charcuterie Art of Meat Board

For the complete charcuterie board experience, try serving up our classic Italian Specialties like our Italian-style Prosciutto, traditional Mortadella (with Pistachio, of course!) and Sweet Capicola.

Bring in more flavors of Italy with our Originals No Antibiotics Ever Salamis: Pre-sliced Twin Pack of Napoli and Toscano, along with our Truffle, and Peppered.

Introduce some heat to your board with our Spanish style dried Chorizo, and round off your savory masterpiece with our Seasoned Olives.