Our Company was Founded on Franks and Sausages.

Well, sausages, anyway. The franks came shortly after. We’ve spent over 75 years making the same product the same way our founder did. So we tend to get a little sentimental about our franks and sausages. And a little personal.

The story of Dietz & Watson actually begins in Germany. It was there, in his home country, that Gottlieb Dietz learned the art of making franks and sausages. (I say art because if you’ve ever been to Germany, you know they make them a certain way – or as some would call it – the right way.) He came to the U.S. with family recipes inspired by his German heritage in his pocket. And these are the same recipes we still prepare today.

Vintage, hand-painted Dietz & Watson sign from the 1960s

Vintage, hand-painted Dietz & Watson sign from the 1960s

Regarding that German sausage making expertise: taste and quality are its most obvious attributes. It’s why Gottlieb Dietz insisted on using the best cuts of the meat. In fact, that same choice cuts of beef are the same we use in our roast beef. Today, more than 75 years after Gottlieb founded Dietz & Watson, we proudly carry on his tradition – well, except for all the innovations we’ve made along the way. Through the years, we’ve invented what would become industry standards – all in the name of making better franks and sausages.

Sure, some things might change around here, but the best things stay (and taste) the same. Our franks and sausages have been around since the beginning.

All of this is why we proudly say where we’ve come from defines Dietz & Watson today.

We think they’re the closest thing you’ll taste to a German frank or sausage this side of the Atlantic

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