Our family has a lot of experience packing for summer vacations to the shore, but one of our most important items always seems to be the cooler. Over the years, we’ve learned how to maximize every inch of space to fit more snacks for the ride, so we don’t have to make unnecessary stops. Here’s how we pack our road-trip-worthy cooler:

  • Beverages at the Bottom: Pack your beverages first, so they stay colder longer and won’t squish the food,
  • Ditch the Ice Pack: Frozen water bottles not only replace bulky ice packs, but also serve as extra hydration when thawed.
  • Always Double Bag: We take extra precaution by double bagging food in watertight, re-sealable bags or containers, so nothing gets soggy.
  • Keep Snacks Cool: If you’re bringing along sandwiches or premade food, make sure they stay near the ice.
  • Lightest On Top: When everything is packed, put the lightest items on top—like chips, bread, fruit or plastic utensils.

Vacation Snacks

Whether you’re going away for a week or a weekend, now you can pack like a pro.