Hosting friends and family this holiday season? Savory snacks are where it’s at. Impress your guests without any stress with these simple and all natural charcuterie spreads.

When it comes to hosting an epic holiday gathering, a perfectly crafted charcuterie spread is your secret weapon. While charcuterie may be hard to pronounce, it’s oh-so-easy to put together with Dietz & Watson’s minimally processed Originals line. These two super simple spreads serve up just the right variety of meat and cheese without any antibiotics or artificial ingredients.

Thanksgiving Antipasto Spread

This beautiful board is made with 100% antibiotic-free ingredients and can be whipped up on a whim. Our all-natural Originals Chorizo medallions,  panino sticks, and salami add a hearty assortment of bold, savory flavor, while our black forest ham brings some smoky sweetness into the mix. Balance out the saltiness of the meats with soft, tangy fontina cheese. Top it all off with some seasoned olives and fruit and — voila, you are now a charcuterie master.

Holiday Cheese Charcuterie

This cheesy trifecta requires almost no prep and is made with all RBST-free cheeses. Our dry, crumbly Originals Danish Blue cheese and our soft, creamy brie balance each other out in both texture and flavor, while the gouda brings something smoky and mildly nutty to the table. Round out the board with our all natural, green pitted olives, crackers for crunch, and pomegranate seeds for a bit of refreshing sweetness. Now watch it all disappear.