Lots of people love adding Sriracha to their food, but most of them have no idea what’s in it or where it comes from. After one of our Sriracha-obsessed employees initiated the idea of crafting Sriracha products for our collection, our team knew we had to get to know this hot sauce.

We found out its name comes from the small Thai town of Sri Racha, and was first brought to the United States in the ‘80s by a Vietnamese immigrant. Despite its unclear origins, Sriracha’s appeal transcends geographical and cultural borders. We’ve seen it served as a condiment across the U.S.—from Chinese restaurants to all-American diners.

Sriracha Sandwich


The bright-red sauce is made from red chili peppers, garlic, distilled vinegar, salt, and sugar. This unique combination of ingredients creates a tangy-sweet flavor, setting it apart from other hot sauces. Sriracha has a warm heat, garlic-y flavor, and a strong punch that enhances but doesn’t dominate your food. Part of its charm, in fact, is its edibility. Its spiciness falls closer to the heat of Tabasco sauce versus the intense burn of a habanero pepper.

Despite its unclear origins, Sriracha’s appeal transcends geographical and cultural borders.

In the past couple of decades, Sriracha has gone from being just another hot sauce on the shelf, to becoming an entire flavor identity. Its popularity stems from its ability to pair well with most foods—from mac and cheese to fish tacos to Bloody Marys. You’ll even find it featured in unexpected products like Sriracha chocolate or lip balm.

As for our very own Sriracha-flavored products—it all started with one intriguing suggestion by one of our team members. Of course, crafting a new product requires a lot of team effort, so one of our food scientists got to work researching how to best source the ingredients and make our Dietz & Watson Sriracha sauce extra special. Then the kitchen team rallied behind the idea to bring it to life. Later, their creation was taken to our other employees, who were tasked with trying it and giving them feedback on how to perfect the flavor. Now, we have two delicious additions to our collection: Sriracha Chicken Breast and Sriracha Mustard. Whether you’re a spice-lover or not, we suggest giving one of our delicious Sriracha recipes a try—even if it’s just once.