Our quest to provide your family with top quality foods goes far beyond our hometown of Philadelphia. We’ve traveled the globe in search of the best ingredients, farming partners, and artisan dairies to inspire our collection. Our journey has fostered relationships with other families and farmers who are just as dedicated and passionate about the foods they make as our family at Dietz & Watson.

This month, we’re proud to announce new partnerships and additions to our cheese offerings from some of the most impressive dairies around the world.

Originals Irish Cheddar

Irish Cheddar from Wexford Creamery

Our Irish Cheddar comes from Wexford, known as the sunniest county in Ireland. The Creamery is owned by 350 Wexford farmers, many of which are family run and built on generations of tradition. We love that this Irish Cheddar is truly authentic—being made from 100% grass-fed, free-roaming cows.


Classic Gouda from the Netherlands

We believe family comes first, which is why we partnered with a family owned farmer’s co-op that began over a century ago in the Netherlands.  Today, they are still using their original artisan techniques with their own Grade-A milk from cows that graze freely upon lush, pesticide-free grasses.

Originals German Greyure

German Gruyere from Ammerlander Dairy

Started by just seven farmers in Northern Germany, Ammerlander has grown into one of Germany’s largest independent dairies. We were blown away by their dedication to consistency: every single Ammerlander cheese is produced in just one plant to ensure quality control.

Originals Goat Cheese

Celebrity Goat Cheese from Mariposa Dairy

Since their very first goats, Mariposa has been family owned and operated by Sharon and Bruce Vandenburg. In addition to their own milk, they source 100% pure goat milk from their partners—other family-run farms near their cheese plant in Southern Ontario.

Originals Grana Padano

Grana Padano from Dairy Ghidetti

About 70 years ago, Willelmo Ghidetti started crafting provolone. After three generations, the family owned dairy has expanded their line of exceptional cheeses while maintaining Willelmo’s standards of quality and flavor.

Our relationships with these farms and dairies mean much more to us than new flavors of cheese—we are proud to call them our trusted and respected partners. They take enormous care while crafting quality cheese to ensure every slice you feed your family is the very best it can be. And that means the world to us.

Sustainability, family values and artisan traditions mixed with progressive ideals make these cheese makers stand out on the International stage.

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